A girl saves her kingdom from a toxic menace by going green

The Story

In a fantastical world where coral has the magical ability to power machines, Claire sets off on the high seas to make it big mining a newly discovered patch of the colorful and precious resource.

Character Transformation

Initially her intentions are selfish and naive, only collecting coral to build the strongest, fastest boat in the sea. On her way to becoming a coral tycoon Claire encounters the devastating effects mining has on the ocean and her small island’s ecosystem. Just in time, Claire becomes a protector of the coral and all the fantastical creatures that make it their home.

Objective: Empowering Children

We want to empower children to take control over their environment. This web series will present them with a very relatable scenario, children growing up in a time of amazing technological development, but whose environment is turning against them in terrifying ways.

The World: A Coral Punk Adventure

The series is inspired by the imaginative application of technology found in Steampunk stories. In the world of Water Witch, residents have created a plethora of ingenious contraptions all powered by a magical version of Coral called Coralium.

Real World Inspiration

The series was inspired by artist Alex Newbigging’s experience growing up in the tar sands of Fort McMurray and witnessing first-hand the devastating impact of the oil extraction juxtaposed against the necessity of earning a living.

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Water Witch was created by Alex Newbigging and is being produced by Embreate in Toronto, Canada.

PRODUCER Scott Nihill