Join us on September 14th 2021 at 6 pm for Maker Boost’s Pitch Your Project (via Zoom) where Miranda Newman, Alex Sheriff, and Laura Onderwater will be pitching their latest passion projects AFTERNOON and Re:Claim. More on the artists below.

Pitch Your Project

This Maker Boost monthly jam session is an intimate gathering with our active community members that happens on the second Tuesday of every month. The main reason we host this event is to give people an opportunity to get feedback on a project they’re working on, from a community of creatives, at any stage of their process (ideation, production, promotion, etc.)! The event runs for an hour, where two people pitch one project for 30 mins each with ample time for feedback and discussion.

Contact us if you’d like to pitch your own project or attend the event to share your feedback on creative projects.

AFTERNOON pitched by Miranda Newman & Alex Sheriff

Miranda Newman and Alex Sheriff will be pitching AFTERNOON magazine, a yearly arts and letters publication.

Miranda Newman is a writer and editor who primarily writes about mental health. Her work has appeared in The Literary Review of Canada, Broadview Magazine, The Walrus, Xtra, and more. Learn more at

Alex Sheriff is a Canadian artist whose work deals with recognizing, blurring and erasing the gap between natural and human history through painting, drawing, sculpture and video.He received a BFA in Drawing and Painting from OCAD University, and an MFA in Fine Art from Parsons School for Design, The New School. Learn more at

Re:Claim pitched by Laura Onderwater

Laura will be pitching Re:Claim, a concept piece looking at a sci-fi world that would take place in this game called Reclaim. This project takes a look at the characters, environments, props, and the design elements within the fictional game.

Laura Onderwater is a freelance concept artist living in Toronto, with a focus on environments and science fiction. Over the last 5 years she has worked on a multitude of projects including working with the Ontario government to prototype games for post secondary students, and contributing to original IP’s as an artist and game designer. Learn more at LinkedIn.

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