Making learning science fun for 6-11 year-olds

What If surpasses 3 million subscribers on YouTube

- Gold Award, YouTube

Making Learning Fun

What If Kids is an educational web series for children ages 6-10. Each 4-6 minute webisode poses a fun hypothetical question, then explains the scientific principle(s) behind the answer in plain terms that children understand.

A Very Successful Parent

We will leverage the success of our hit WHAT IF YouTube & Facebook series for grown-ups that has built an enthusiastic community of over 17 million science buffs.

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Introducing Cosmos

Our robot host guides children through the scientific explanation, literally taking them to the corners of the cosmos, back to the age of dinosaurs or shrinking them down to the size of a blood cell.

What If Dinosaurs Were Still Alive?

Children learn that dinosaurs likely died 251 million years ago because the Earth cooled down and dinosaurs couldn’t adapt. But what if some dinosaurs did adapt?


What If Kids is currently in the Development phase.

We’re currently producing the first 30 episodes of What If Kids and plan on releasing the mobile application in late 2020.

What If surpasses 3 million subscribers on YouTube

- Gold Award , YouTube

What If Nominated for a 2020 Webby Award

- Science & Education , Webby Awards


What If Kids is being co-produced by Embreate and Underknown in Toronto, Canada.



PRODUCER Scott Nihill