In ARE YOU NUTS?, comedians share their experiences with mental illness and how they channel them into their stand-up routines.

Each webisode answers questions like…

How does telling jokes help you cope with anxiety, depression and/or bi-polarity? When did you start talking about mental illness in your set? Did mental health issues drive you to do stand-up? Is there any aspect about mental illness that’s taboo?

I want to share my experience. What’s the next step?

First, you do a pre-interview where you talk about your experiences. This lasts for an hour, either remotely via Google Hangouts or Skype, or in person at our Toronto studio at Dundas/Lansdowne. Later, you appear on camera (i.e. at a comedy club) relating those experiences. We’d also include excerpts from your stand-up routine in the final webisode. The webisode would also include an animated mental health anecdote you tell us (i.e. anxiety attack at a family gathering). Both the pre-interview and webisode will be released online at the same time.

I want to know more about ARE YOU NUTS?

Sure. See our FAQ below.

Contact Us

If you’re interested or have any questions, please contact Allan at or visit



What will my webisode look like?

With initial funding from Telus, we have already produced two sample videos (under the old title, Wittle), profiling comedians Erin and Brian. For example, in Erin’s video, she relates a panic attack she suffered at a party where she felt like she was drowning, even though she was surrounded by friends. These videos animate their personal anecdotes about mental health. Future webisodes will expand on this format by including an animated anecdote, but also adding on-camera interviews of you, plus excerpting your stand-up routine where you discuss mental health. When we release your webisode, we will also make available online your pre-interview as supplementary material to further educate viewers about mental health issues.

What is the production status of ARE YOU NUTS?

We are raising financing (i.e. grants) to produce a full season of 10-minute webisodes to release by the end of 2020. We have already secured initial funding from Telus to produce Erin’s and Brian’s videos, which have been well-received by mental health professionals. In fact, we have support from CAMH (as an advisor) and Yuk Yuk’s (who will help us find comedians).

Who will see the series?

Underknown will distribute ARE YOU NUTS? across social media including YouTube and Facebook. Underknown produces and distributes What If, the world’s most-watched science web series with over 15 million followers.