Maker Boost was at this years Nuit Rose Festival for Queer Arts and Performance supporting our members installation of Man Hunt. The Nuit Rose festival is held every year and features LGBTQA+ artists from both the GTA and internationally.

It was a fantastic show featuring installations, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video, music, poetry, theatre and dance. We were honored to have been apart of that!


The Man Hunt installation was inspired by the classic 80s arcade game ‘Duck Hunt’. Players were given a rainbow blaster they used to fire rainbows at anti-LGBTQA+ figures, when hit they transformed into rainbow pooping unicorns.

Visitors had fun blasting angry birds with rainbows which brought out the competitive spirit between friends and strangers.

Lalaine, the projects lead artist, created Man Hunt as a way to inspire resistance against hate using a playful format. Man Hunt gives players the power to transform hateful speach into something harmless within a group context. Lalaine’s hope is the installation inspired confidence in players that hate can be combatted with creativity and love.